Pelvic Heart Embodiment by Gregory Fung

                                                          Deep transformation through breath, touch and safety

Uncover and heal the patterns holding you back!  

Do you want more out of life and your relationships, but somehow something is holding you back?

Wanting to connect deeper emotionally or sexually with a loving partner, but not feeling safe for some reason?  Or do you often find yourself in unhealthy or destructive relationships or patterns? Subconsciously procrastinating on making your dreams happen?  Feeling overwhelmed and unable to change the situation?

Greg can support you in coming back to your truth, and discover new possibilities to create your world!


Online, he offers personalized sessions to help clients change how they react to stressful or difficult situations or relationships.  By approaching these memories and fears with care and support, and interrupting how the body reacts by learning new responses, one can feel much more free in the situation, many more choices become available to create life with new perspective.  

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In Person
In Berlin, Greg offers body-based emotional and subconscious exploration with bodywork, using Pelvic Heart Embodiment, to help you transform how you feel everyday and in challenging situations, consciously and subconsciously, in all your relationships and life in general.

What is Pelvic Heart Embodiment?