Pelvic Heart Embodiment by Gregory Fung

                                                          Deep transformation through breath, touch and safety

About Greg

Greg has long been moved by the power of touch, holding and massage.  Through his journey of awakening over the past 10 years, he has found great value in emotional consciousness.  But once he experienced the power of Pelvic Heart Integration and Embodied Intimacy through directed breath, massage and sensual pleasure in transforming his emotional blocks, he knew he has found his calling.  He is a playful explorer of intuitive embodied intelligence and open-hearted relating, a place where so much emotional insight and integration can happen.  

In addition to his exploring and integrating techniques from yoga, massage, tantric meditation, conscious kink, body dearmouring, Gestalt dialoging, and for creating a safe relaxing space of deep presence, he took part in the 2015 Pelvic Heart Integration Teachers' Training Program held by Deborah Anapol, who unfortunately passed away before its full completion.

In Berlin, he offers personalized sessions for emotional exploration, meditative and breath coaching, and embodied safety and resourcing. 

Er spricht auch Deutsch und begleite gern ihren Prozess auf Deutsch.

What clients say

"I feel safe and welcomed from the heart by Gregory.  He picked up every participant where they were standing and offered his best support to all of us at any time.  It was a powerful, important and life changing experience.  Thank you, Greg"  - Julia, Berlin

"Gregory is a wonderful skilled course leader with high emotional intelligence who always finds the right words and is able to support people by creating a safe space (and giving it) for many different feelings and processes, whatever will come up."  -Judy, Vienna