Pelvic Heart Embodiment by Gregory Fung

                                                          Deep transformation through breath, touch and safety

What is Embodiment?  

Much of what we do day to day are based on the relationship patterns we unconsciously learned from our parents or caretakers, or our adaptations around these situations at that time.  As adults, we usually continue to use these strategies and subconsciously set up our lives to try to get what we wanted in our childhood.  A lot of these strategies and feelings are also stored in our body-mind, in how we hold ourselves and how we react to what we see, hear, smell or feel.

The key to changing these patterns is to reconnect with emotions related to key memories and reexperience them with the loving, supportive messages, empowering movements and sensations that set us free.  Pelvic Heart Integration offers a very powerful, synergistic combination of tools to make this transformation.

Pelvic Heart Integration is a comprehensive system for understanding and harmonizing the whole person, in our intimate relationships with ourselves and others.  This unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, body work, energy work, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading and tantra was developed by pioneering philosopher and bodyworker Dr. Jack Painter and extended by Psychologist Dr. Deborah Anapol.  It gives us valuable tools for healing everything from our ancestral lineage and the developmental issues of childhood to the physical, emotional, interpersonal and sexual issues confronting us as evolving humans.  It utilizes the powerful forces of excitement and sensual pleasure to heal.

Typical session
A typical session involves tuning into your body through breath and emotions to unveil what is alive within you, and explore how they relate to your belief systems and 
patterns.  From these discoveries, we formulate new alternative experiences that would support you, and take them into breathwork where they can be implanted deeply.  Upon agreement, appropriate bodywork is applied to release the associated tension and create positive associations in the body where it would be beneficial, including the pelvis. 

Pelvic Heart Integration Group

PHI Activation Groups
PHI works really well as a group healing journey, where participants support each other's processes under guidance from a PHI facilitator.  Participants learn breathwork, concepts on energy, gender and parental relationships, as well as play roles in psychodrama exercises, resulting in shared connections and healing journeys.  Lovely bonding happens as the group shares the lovely held space together.

Participant Experiences

"I started PHI in Berlin as part of a new year resolution of trying something new. The course was a nice potpourri of methods and helpful for me to access some subconscious processes of which I had a little hunch before, but it definitely helped in identifying it once more.  I particularly enjoyed the role playing exercises and releasing my own inner child (both as a boy and a girl) was a highlight."  -Judy, Vienna

"The PHI weekend brought me another step forward to reveal my inner conflicts. Interestingly just the week before the PHI weekend, I had a skin reaction, which happened to me already a few times and no doctor could tell me why it was appearing. During the PHI weekend I understood that this reaction of my body is related to an inner conflict with men. The body and breathwork made me become aware of little sensations and feelings, that I never paid much attention to. I knew that these strange feelings were existing, but I always smashed them by pushing things forward. The PHI weekend allowed me to take my time, breath and feel what is really happening in me. Amazing breakthrough for me!I am very grateful for this soul support."  - Annika, Berlin