Pelvic Heart Embodiment by Gregory Fung

                                                          Deep transformation through breath, touch and safety

Spaceholding for presonal transformation

In Berlin and online, he offers personalized sessions for emotional exploration, breathwork for integration, and embodied safety and resourcing.  Greg brings a wide variety of experiences in his life, to support you to feel safe, understood, and held, to help create the safety needed to visit the tender parts of ourselves.

Er spricht auch Deutsch und begleitet gern Ihren Prozess auf Deutsch.

Difficulties in Relationships

Often, our difficulties in relationships are based on what we learned as possible or expected from our parents, previous key relationships, and society.

Kink-Aware: Desire and sexuality

Experiences in alternative culture

Having experienced the extreme environments and mindstates possible in clubs and festivals, in both ecstatic highs of aliveness and depressive sorrow and meaninglessness, Greg brings his non-judgemental attitude towards past lifestyles, experiences, or even mistakes to each session.  Whether it involves an abusive childhood, self-destructive phases of escapism or substance abuse, or traumic experiences of disempowerment, the key to changing your relationship to these memories or triggers is a trusted space to truly feel what wasn't safe to feel before.

The unique journey of each person brings its own gifts of insight towards the collective human experience, and each person has huge possibility to love and accept themselves deeply.  Like seeing a lost child on a cold night, we can bring presence, patience and love to any session, to gently hold what wants to be felt, hold space for accepting sides of ourselves we find unloveable, and harvesting the insight of what is deeply nurishing and healthy for us.

What clients say

"I feel safe and welcomed from the heart by Gregory.  He picked up every participant where they were standing and offered his best support to all of us at any time.  It was a powerful, important and life changing experience.  Thank you, Greg"  - Julia, Berlin

"Gregory is a wonderful skilled course leader with high emotional intelligence who always finds the right words and is able to support people by creating a safe space (and giving it) for many different feelings and processes, whatever will come up."  - Judy, Vienna

"Gregory is a very gentle and caring person, I felt very safe and was able to really relax, let go and receive in our session. It was lovely to be guided into deeper relaxation with breathing and meditation that really took the cuddles to another level. I liked how I was encouraged to share what I really wanted and create my own experience so it was great practice communicating boundaries and desires. I'd definitely recommend people try a session" - Luna, Sydney / Berlin